Am I a Grandmother Now?

Much like this blog, I haven’t given too much love to my plants in the last one month. And by that I mean I have watered them just like any other chore around the house but I haven’t sat down to admire them and eat a meal or two in their presence. In my defense, it has been scorchingly hot outside. Someone at work aptly questioned my plant motherhood a few weeks ago given I requested them to water my office plants many weeks in a row just because I was lazy to water them myself. In my defense, it takes a village to raise a child :p

BUT, I woke up this morning to three precious infants in the form of green pepper, eggplant and okra!!! They are minuscule and tiny and honestly too dumb to look at in their baby versions. But this has renewed the motivation and reminder to give mindful and nurturing care to the plants and watch them in awe every now and then. If you want to enjoy the fruits, you have to give your share of care too. Much like life. You give some, you get some.

That said, if my plant babies are producing their babies, am I a grandmother now? Someone clarify please…?

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